Vermont Hang Gliding Association

Mount Ascutney


NW & S launches, premier cross-country flying site.

Mount Ascutney stands alone above the Connecticut River valley. There are multiple bowls and ravines that collect and funnel thermals up the mountain as the sun swings from east to west each day.

Many New England cross country flights start here.

Access to both launches is through the Mount Ascutney State Park, in Windsor Vermont. Pilots have access to the park during the off-season via a special use permit. Access is only permitted via one of several selected apostles that have keys to the gate and are aware of the additional restrictions we must follow.

Meeting Place: State Park Entrance

Coordinates: 43.437815, -72.405632

Park across the street from the Park entrance and consolidate onto as few vehicles as possible. Leave unused vehicles there.

Sign in with the park rangers at the park entrance and sign a waiver each year.
Show current USHPA membership card and current VHGA membership card.

Pay $3 / person

Drive up the mountain until the road terminates at the parking lot at the top and park.


Jake Pierce

Flight Description

Good ridge soaring, excellent thermal soaring, and occasionally good wonder-wind conditions.

Cloud base over Mount Ascutney is usually higher than over the surrounding terrain.

Flight Restrictions

Do not land on the circular horse track to the east of the mountain.

Flight Hazards

It is hard to see the support wires for the radio and television towers. The towers also produce signifiant radiation that can interfere with flight computers, radios, and pilots.

Wind blowing over the “arms” of each bowl can create turbulence unless the wind is blowing straight into the bowl.